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BalloonaFide Free

Join, Prepare Early, Be a leader and Gain Big

BalloonaFide Free  

a mobile-only app
Join, Prepare Early, Be a leader and Gain Big

An Affiliate-intensive Mobile App- Jogging for cryptos payout in Coino (CNO) and Joincoin (J) thru free Daily Lotto will be out. Unprecedented. Details are to be released in due time. Also see dynamic update below.

BalloonaFide (free) app: Jogging app with jogging musics, play lotto and get cryptos (CNO or J) and more
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The shortcut and right way to keep and use cryptos
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Faucet (free coins) Drip @ Cryptoguru: 
Coino CNO Faucet         Joincon (J) Faucet

Faucet and Vote Features are not active @Tradesatoshi

For Mobile Users: if you do not have a regular desktop wallet

For Miners and Networks:

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The initial POW ended in April 2016. 100 million CNO mined.

Scrypt POW Restarted  on Oct 14, 2016
PoS+PoW Hybrid Mining Started on June 20, 2017

New Coino CNO spec:
  • PoW/PoS Hybrid
  • Block time: 365 seconds
  • PoW/x11:  Block reward starts at 8 CNOs/block halving every 10,000 blocks until it reache 0.125 CNOs/block
  • PoS: 0.5% annual rate; ( Minimum Stake Age 30 days; Maximum Stake Age 90 days)
  • Max supply: 100 million in Oct 2016 + New coins mined after. (see Blockchain Explorers below.
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