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For Mobile Users: if you do not have a regular desktop wallet

Webwallet equivalent  and Coino (“account”) addresses can be obtained through exchange sites (listed below):

 Coin(O) Faucet <click here
Coin(O) Trading @ NOVAexchange

For Miners and Networks:


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The initial POW ended in April 2016. 100 million CNO mined.
09.25.2016- Download New Wallet:
PC or Mac:  Download Now
GitHub:   Go to Github

Scrypt POW Restarted  on Oct 14, 2016

with block rewards of 4 Coin(O)/block


Mining Profitability  

  • PoW algorithm: Scrypt restarted in October 2016
  • Block reward: 4 COINO
  • Block time: 25 seconds
  • Retarget: 1 Hour
  • Starting difficulty: 0.00024414
  • Block halving: NO block halving
  • Max supply: 100 million + 5.046 million yearly starting Oct 2016