Free Coino (CNO) & JoinCoin (J) 

CoinoCoin Coin(O) <      symbol: CNO

Joincoin <       symbol: J       

Cryptocurrency growing plans:

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  • Use the “webwallet” from the exchange sites
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The most promising Decentralized Cryptocurrencies

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For mining and network information: Refer to respective links, coin websites or Bitcointalk Forums.

Mobile Resources:

How to get rewards by doing something for CoinoCoin (CNO) or Joincoin (J)

You can bookmark and save this link or the above links. If you lose them or if the links should change, you can go back to the Fauceting Faucet For Coino (CNO) & Joincoin (J)  Campaign Faucet site for the above Cryptocurrencies, to claim cryptos weekly (at this moment BTC) and to get the updated link to get more Coino (CNO) & Joincoin (J) through additional Faucets for them.